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May 13, 2010

Making a Blog with Photobie

This tutorial was made for the older version. It may or may not work on the newer ones!

Here's how you make a blog with Photobie.

  1. Open a new document. For this tutorial I will make a 350 x 200 pixels blog and I will be using the image below:

  2. Right click the image and copy it. Then click on edit=>paste as new layer. Drag your image so you see the part of the image you want on your blog.

  3. Now click on your fill shapes. Click the arrow and choose rectangle as shown on the image below:

  4. Now click on your dropper and choose a color on the image. Choose the color you want your rectangle to be. For this tutorial I used light purple. Now drag your mouse across your image to create your rectangle.

  5. To make our rectangle transluscent or semi-transparent adjust your opacity level to how transparent you want your rectangle to be. Go to your layer manager which usually sits on the right side of your screen. Be sure you are on the layer where we drew the rectangle. In this case it is on layer 2. Drag the opacity bar down to lower the opacity level and drag it up to increase the opacity level. I set mine at 64.

    So far, this is how my blog looks like!

  6. It's time to place some text on our blog! Click on the draw text tool. . Click anywhere on your image and a window same as the image below will appear. Type in your text (Welcome). Choose the font you want. Choose the size on the text you want. Click on forecolor to choose the color of the text you want! Click on backcolor to choose the border color of your text!

    Now, my blog looks like this. Hmmm...my text is not where I want it to be.

  7. Go to your layer manager again. Be sure you are on the layer where you placed your text. Click on the hand tool as shown on the image below.

    Now, go back to your blog and drag your text where you want it to be on your blog! This is how my blog turned out so far! I have edited the text size and the rectangle size so they could all fit in my blog. To edit the rectangle size all you have to do is to go the layer 2 and click on the hand tool then put your mouse on the corner of the rectangle and just drag your mouse. If you are content with the size, position your rectangle where you want it to be. Put your mouse at the center of the rectangle and drag your mouse to move it!

  8. For the final touch we need to place a border around our blog. To do this click on the draw shapes tool. Click on the arrow beside it and choose rectangle.

  9. Now on the upper right hand corner, change the pen size to whatever border width you desire. I choose mine to be 3. . Now click on your color menu at the toolbar on the left. . I choose hot pink! This will be the color of your border. Now drag your mouse to create the border. Centering the border and placing it on the right position maybe tricky but you'll get to it! Save your blog as gif or jpg.

  10. So now, this is my finished blog!

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