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May 31, 2010

Other Graphics

Mall Buttons/Mall Banners
Have a mall or a member of one? Then click here for our great mall buttons and market that shop!

Mood Indicators
Feeling happy, blue, or just plain moody? Express yourself with our neopets-related mood indicators.

Change your boring default cursors with these cute ones!

Goal Counters
Do you want to show off how you've progressed with your goals? Then click here!

Altador Cup Games Counter
Keep track of your games and your scores!

Altador Cup Support Banners
Click here for some cool banners you can use in your guilds, shops, lookups and much more! Tell the world which Team you are supporting!

Altador Cup Support Blinkies
When banners are not just enough...get some blinkies!

Tired of the usual user lookup shields? Then click here to get some of our custom shields!

Click here for great backgrounds for your pages!

Click here for a large collection of blends you can use on your graphics...just remember to give us credit though!

Click here for LJ, MSN and AIM icons!

Make your lists look better by using one of our bullets!

Click here for great dividers for your pages!

Glitter Names
Get your glitter names here. If you don't find yours, you can always request for one on our contact page!

Name Tags
Glitter just isn't your thing? Then click here for our simple yet creatively made name tags!

Want some cute animations? Click here to get Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and more cutesy stuff!

Quote Graphics
Here are some quotes you can place on your pages! =)

Comments and Greetings
Click here for some holiday greetings or just some thoughtful words for your online friends!

Click here for cool looking polaroids of your fave movies, celeb or neopets character!

Glitter Pets
Here are some glitter pets you can place on your pages to add that sparkle!


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