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May 13, 2010

Outlining Texts with GIMP (2)

Here is another and easier way to place an outline around your text.

  1. Click on your text tool.
  2. Type your text.
  3. Now, while on the text tool, click on path from text.
  4. Create a new layer. Name this outline.
  5. Now change your foreground color with the border color you want.
  6. Click on edit=>stroke path, and a stroke path window should appear. Change the line width to your desired outline/border width. I chose 2 px. Now click stroke. Your text should now look like so:

Now, if you find the outline above jittery, then you can do the following option.

  1. Once you have typed in your text. Click on path from text.
  2. Then, click on your brush tool, select circle 03.
  3. Create another layer, name it outline.
  4. Click on edit=>stroke path=>stroke with a paint tool. The paint tool should be paintbrush.
  5. Click on stroke. Now you should have a better and smoother looking outline/border around your text.

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