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Mar 27, 2010

About Us

The site was formerly created to be a myspace/dollie site. However, since it wasn't as popular as our previous sites, The Pit Stop, Angel Wings and Cutie Neo, it was slowly dying. On early September of 2006, we decided to change it completely into a neopets graphics site with some Myspace goodies and dolls on the side. On March 2007, the site opened its doors to willing and new graphics designers. Till then, the site started to grow, having new graphics added to its collection almost everyday!

On late July of 2008, the site closed and a new site named Jaraya.net emerged. Jaraya.net survived for about 4 months until the site's host finally closed by mid December of the same year. This left the staff of jaraya.net homeless, this is why neo-faerie wings was re-born on January 2009 and will possibly stay!

Past Layouts

Here are the layouts we've used all through the years! Looking at them just brings back so much memories *sigh*.

I love this layout! It was put up just in time for spring, put up on April 2, 2009.

This layout was put up on March 4, 2009. It has been a while since we've changed layout...just joking! The layouts for the rest of 2008 and the earlier part of 2009 have not been documented for the following reasons: 1. I haven't had the chance to change layouts as often as I wanted (on a monthly basis) due to lack of time and inspiration; 2. I just lacked the interest to make a past layout corner for the site. Now, as I look back at all of these, I get a sense of completion and inspiration to change my layout as often as I can. I can't believe I've had great layouts before! oO/

I love the colors of this Illusen layout. I wasn't loving the scrolling textboxes though. It stood for the latter part of December 2007 and the earlier part of January 2008! It's a shame I wasn't able to enjoy the layout that much 'coz I haven't spend that much time on the computer when this was up =/ but I hope you enjoyed it!

Here's our layout for the month of November and the first half of December. I love the simplicity of the layout. The layout features weewoo!

Our Halloween layout for 2007, featuring Eliv Thade!

"Beauty Disguised". This is our September 2007 layout inspired by Vira! There were mixed reviews when we had this up...some liked it while others didn't =/. Anyways, it stood for a month until the month of Halloween came along in which we had to replace it with something scarier! BOO!

Our summer layout was up from June 18, 2007 all the way through August 21, 2007. This is my fave so far! It was heart breaking to change it but I had to.

I have to take this down 'coz it was wearing me out! I don't know why...I'm just not fond of it like the other layouts we've had. So i replaced it with something new on June 19, 2007. I just thought, the site really need to have a quick change of layout!

This layout stood for the rest of the month of June! I loved how spacious it is but I wasn't too keen on the colours I used!

Here is our layout for the month of May 2007. This layout was later converted into an Iframe for bandwidth reasons. I made this with Koolasapixel's suggestion in mind --- making it plushie themed! I remember her mentioning a specific Neopet ... however, my memory failed me for the nth time and so I made one with the cutest Neopet plushie image I can find ... which was this:

I know you're wondering...where is it on the layout. Actually, when the layout was up...it was very visible on the bottom part of the layout. Hehe! And so it is...our Shoyru plushie layout!

This was our April 2007 layout. I remember the first day of April vey well. Not just because we had a new layout up but because we were able to succesfully pull a prank on our beloved visitors. They thought we were closing for real... which will definitely not happen anytime soon. Atleast, I don't think so. I chose the Negg Faerie basically because of the negss. Haha! Weird, but I was thinking more in the line of Easter...hmmm...now I'm thinking --- why didn't I just use the Easter Cybunny instead? Oh well, I have no idea, I guess the negg faerie popped up to my brain first! ;)

Stood for the first week of March, 2007

Space faerie layout stood
for the rest of the month of March 2007

This layout stood for the month of February. I used an image from Stock.Xchng.

Our first non-neopets layout. Dhymphi, one of our staff helped me with the design! Stood from December 29, 2006 to February 1, 2007.

I just love Myncis! I never saw any layout with this theme before so I thought I'd make one for the site. This layout was up from November 11, 2006 to December 28, 2006!

So cute layout. Love the poogle. This layout replaced my halloween on which only stood for about a week I guess. Anyway, this layout was an attempt to break out from the norm (iframe layouts). And I guess, I pretty much succeeded. This stood from October 9, 2006 to November 10, 2006!

This layout was inspired by my favorite faerie, Taelia. I love this layout because of the its colors and its simplicity (this is just a simple table iframe layout, anyway). This layout presented Neo-Faerie Wings as an official Neopets graphics site (since the site was a dollie/myspace site before). This layout stood from September 15 to October 8, 2006.