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May 31, 2010


MS Paint Tutorials
Here are some awesome MS Paint powers you haven't thought the software had!

Photobie Tutorials
Need a freeware program other than paint? Check this out!

GIMP Tutorials
Click here to learn more about GIMP, a free very reliable image editing program!

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Click here for PSP tricks in graphics design!

Photoshop Tutorials
Learn some neat tricks to make your graphics look better!

Paint.NET Tutorials
Click here to learn more about this cool free image editing program!

Neopets Codings Tutorials
Want to make your own neopets layout but just don't know how to?

Want to make a website but don't know any HTML? Then click on and learn to code!

Webmaster Hints and Tips
Click here for miscellaneous tutorials. :)


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