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May 13, 2010

Blended Layout on Photoshop

1. So, first we choose two (or more) images that work together. I'm choosing:

The images are from neopets so I'll unzip them at 800 by 600 size each but yours can be bigger or a tad smaller.
2. Resize the image until it's the height and width you want. I want mine to be 600 width so I resized it. I also flipped the second image horizontally so it would fit better.
3. Alright, so now we blend the images together. First, decide on the elements that you want to stay in the picture, and don't cut there. There's a blending tutorial on this site if you need it!

4. I choose a feathering of 20px and moved the image of Jacques over the first image of Jacques because it wasn't completely covering him.

5. I don't feel that the image is sharp enough, so I sharpened it, but you don't have to. Also, I didn't think it was vibrant enough so I changed the curves and levels.
***Note: A key thing about sharpening, only sharpen the important things, like for instance I sharpened the head and part of the sword closest to you but not the feet. And, for Garin, I sharpened the eyes and sword's edge.

6. Add a texture or two over it, I'm using this one. My settings for it is Color Dodge at 70% opacity.
7. Delete the background layer and go to the first layer and merge all the layers by hitting Ctrl+Shift+E.
8. So the image is oddly rectangular now, and we don't want that. For this image, I decided to make it into the brush shapes. (I make my own brushes, but I'm sure that there are some you can find online!) And there's a tutorial on brush shaped borders on NFW.
9. Now we can do all sorts of things, and I want to add a pattern overlay. So I go to the pattern overlay screen again and I am using a checkerboard pattern. (Please check the pattern making tutorial for making your own patterns or download one from a site.) It is white and transparent checkerboard pattern (the pattern size is 4 pixels by 4 pixels). These are my settings for it.

10. That's really all there is to it! You can add things now to change it into a layout. Examples below!
Final Product

Example of layout using the final product

psst.. Click and drag the final image to the address bar, it will get bigger.

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