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May 13, 2010

Dreamy Effect on Photobie

This tutorial was made for the older version. This may or may not be applicable to the newer version.

  1. Copy the image below. Click on edit=>paste as new image.

  2. Click on dupliacte layer on your layer manager as shown below.

  3. Be sure you are on the "imaging" layer. Click on filter=>embedded filters=>blur at the top menu. A pop up window will appear. Check on "gaussian blur" and set your radius to whatever you desire. Just experiment on it until you get what you actually like!

  4. Now go back to your layer manager and click on the option showed below. Choose Advance channel Curve.

    This window will appear. Now, drag the curve and play with it until your get your desired image "lightness". If you messed up just click cancel and click on your layer manager again!

  5. Go back to your layer manager and adjust the opacity level. I adjusted mine to 68.
  6. This is how my image turned out. I just added some brushes and text. To add some brushes just click on your brush menu on the left side bar and click on the brush you want. Don't forget to change the color. Now, here's my finished product!

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