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May 13, 2010

Extracting Images with Photoshop

Extracting images can be done in a lot of ways. 1. You can cut around the image. 2. You can make use of the magic wand and cut the background off. 3. You can make use of the extracting option.

This tutorial will teach you how to make use of the extract option.

Open the image you would like to extract. Click on Filter => Extract, then a window will pop-up! Choose the higlighter tool and trace around the image. Just make sure that half of the higlight is on the image you want to keep and half is on the part you want to remove.

Then choose the bucket and click on the part you want to keep!

Then press ok! Click on Windows => History and unclick on the icon on the left of it. Then click on the left of the open or paste (if you copied the image and pasted it on the canvas).

Now click on the history brush tool and trace on the part of the image you might have removed in the process of extraction!

Now, that was the easiest way to extract an image! Wasn't it? :P

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