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May 13, 2010

Anti-Alias Texts

Necessary Tools: 1 open window of MS Paint; MS Word

Notice how rugged and pixelated the edges of the texts are on the image below. Don't you just wish they would appear better on paint?

This tutorial will let you have a cleaner and smoother text edges!

  1. Open your MS Word.
  2. Paste your image and click on your "Insert Word Art" option.

  3. Now, a window shown below will appear.

    And if you click OK this window will appear.

  4. Type your text. Now, click OK then right click on your text and click on "Show Word Art Toolbar". Then your window must look similar to this...

  5. Now, click on your "Text Wrapping Tool" and choose "infront of text", as shown in the image above. Now you can drag your text infront of your image. Place it where you desire.
  6. Click on the paint bucket tool on the Word Art Toolbar. Now, the window below will appear.

    Choose the fill color of your text and the line color (outline color). For this tutorial I opt to use white fill color and no line or outline.

  7. Now, it's time to save our image as an image file. Take a screenshot of your MS Window. Press the "print screen" option on your keyboard.
  8. Go to MS Paint and click on Edit=>Paste. Click on your select tool and select your image. Cut it and paste it on a new window. Crop your image if necessary. Now, you have a cleaner anti-alias text on your image which should look like this:

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