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May 13, 2010

Blending with Photobie

How cool is this?! You can blend with photobie. We'll be using the images below!

  1. Click on File=>New, set the width and height to 500px or depending on your preferences.
  2. Copy the first image, then click edit=>paste as new layer.
  3. Copy the second image, then click edit=>paste as new layer as well. Now you should have 3 layers on your layer manager namely, 0:background, 1:new layer, and 2:new layer.
  4. On your paint selction window, click on layer eraser, as shown below:
  5. Look at your top right hand corner. Notice this window?

    Change the attributes same to mine...or you can experiment and set your own attributes.
  6. Now, be sure you are on layer 2:new layer, start erasing the left part of the image, be careful not to erase the important parts of the image like...one of the Olsen twins in this case ;). Before I started erasing this was how my image looked:

    and this is how it turned out after all the layer erasing:

    Tada! You've blended your images. Now all you have to do is add all the image effects you can master with photobie!

This is how my blend turned out after all the image effects. Note, all effects on this blend were made with photobie!

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