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May 13, 2010

Full Page Guild Layout with MS Paint

Choose an image you want to use for your layout. Open it on MS paint. Now cut a portion of the image you like to use. Be sure the height is smaller or exactly 300px. You can see the height of your selection by looking at the bottom right hand corner of your screen while you're holding down your mouse. Mine looks like so:

Where 800 is my width and 269 is my height.

Now, cut that part you selcted and paste it on your MS Window. But before that, adjust your page orientation so it can accomodate your 800px width image. On your MS Word, click on File=>Page Setup=>Orientation=>Landscape! Now, paste your image.

Next, right click on your image and click on Show picture toolbar. This little tool should appear.

Start clicking on the options in the red box and see what happens to your image. Click it until you get the look you desire! Mine turned out like this so far!

Now, look at your bottom left hand corner of the screen. Can you see these options?

Click on the option on the red box and make a rectangle on your image.

Right click on your rectangle and click on Format Autoshape. A window should appear. Similar to this one:

Now, click on Colors and lines=>color=>Fill Effects!

This window should pop-up:

Choose a pattern you like for your layout and choose the colors you fancy!

Now, click OK. Then go back to your Format Auto Shape window (which should still be open at this point) and adjust the transparency!

Now, click OK. This is how my image looks so far!

Time to add our text. Look at the left hand corner of your screen and click on the Word Art tool.

This window should appear. Choose a style you want. I chose the first one.

Now, click OK and another window should pop-up where you type in your text! Once you've typed in your text and clicked on OK, your text will probably ruin the whole layout! Don't worry just right click on your text click on Format word art=>Layout=>Square and click OK! Just to be safe do this to your rectangle and image too!

Now, to edit our text, right click on it and click on format word art. A window will pop up. Choose a color for your text and don't forget to edit the border too!

Add as many text as you want!

After you've made your design, press print screen on your keyboard and paste it on your MS Paint window.

Open another window of MS Paint. Copy the guild template below and paste it on your MS Paint.

Now, click on your bucket tool and choose a background color you want. Then click on the white space on your template. Then choose another color for your text boxes and click on the green part of your template. This is how my template looks so far!

You can add more stuff on it for art's sake! ^^ This is how my image looks like after I added some stuff!

Now go back to the other MS Paint window where you placed your design. Cut it and paste it on your template! Now just save your image as JPG or PNG to retain color quality! Now, here is my design!

All you have to do now is to code your design. Just click HERE for the codes and for further instructions!

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