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May 13, 2010

Glitter Effect on MS Paint

Have you always wanted to make glittered pets but just couldn't because all you have is paint? Then worry no more. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to get that glittery/sparkly effect with the use of MS Paint and an animation program!

For this tutorial we will use this cute Grundo Faerie image!

  1. Open your paint window and set your width and height to 150px or depending on the the size of the image you want to use. To set the width and height click on image=>attributes.
  2. Click on your "fill color" tool, be sure your color is black and click on your canvas.
  3. Click on your brush tool and click on color white on your color palette. Try making dots and x's on your black canvass. Just be sure to use brushes that are not too big for your image. For this tutorial we will use the brush sizes highlighted in red!

    Get wild! Just place dots, squares and x's randomly on your canvass!
  4. Next, open another paint window. Copy the grundo image above and paste it on your canvass.
  5. Now go to your window where you have the dots and x's. Highlight the whole document, right-click and copy.
  6. Then, paste in on your grundo image. Be sure "draw opaque" is unchecked and your background is set to black. TO set your background to black, right-click black on your color palette. Your image must now look like this:
  7. Now save your image as glitter1.gif. Be sure to save it as .gif since some animators like Unfreez can only animate GIF images.
  8. Now, press ctrl-z on your keyboard to undo the glitter on your grundo. Now, we have a grundo with no glitters at all.
  9. Go back to your glitter window. Click on Image=Flip/Rotate and a window just like the one below will appear.

    We're going to flip the image so just click OK.
  10. Choose the entire image again and copy it. Paste it on your grundo. Save your image as glitter2.gif. Press ctrl-z on your keyboard to undo.
  11. Go back to your glitter window again. Click on image=>flip/rotate then this time choose vertical. Click OK, choose the whole document, copy it and paste it on your grundo. Save your image as glitter3.gif. You should have 3 grundo images now!
  12. Animate your grundo with your animation program!

This is how my glittered pet turned out!

If you find this tutorial helpful, please link back! :)

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