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May 13, 2010

Making Backgrounds with MS Paint

There are lots of ways you can make backgrounds with paint. You can make stripes, dots, checks and so on! All you need to have is a bit of an imagination. This tutorial will teach you how to make the basics!

Stripe Background

  1. Open your ms paint window. We don't need to have a big canvas to make a simple stripe background. Go to your image=>attributes and this window should pop-up:

    Change the width and height to mine or you can set your own width and height as you desire, depending on your background style.
  2. Now zoom in your canvas by clicking the magnifying glass on your side toolbar. I chose to magnify mine 6x!
  3. Now click on the rectangle shape. Choose the 3rd rectangle option, a full solid color with no borders!
  4. Now click on your color palette at the bottom of the screen. Click on the color you wish.
  5. Drag your mouse accross your canvas like so:
  6. Choose another color on your palette, then make another rectangle on your canvas. Do this numerous times, until you are satisfied with your stripe background. Save your image as JPG or PNG to retain color. This is how mine turned out!
    When coded into a background, it looks like this:

Dots Background

  1. Open a new canvas, make your width 25 pixels and your height 25 pixels as well.
  2. Click on your brush tool and select the first brush:
  3. Select the color you would like for your dots. Then, paint two dots on the canvas. This is how mine looks like zoomed 6x!
  4. Now, you have your background, mine turned out like so:

Checks Background

  1. Open a new canvas, make it 100 x 100.
  2. Choose your square tool. Slect the last square option.
  3. Choose the color you like for your background.
  4. Drag your mouse across your canvas. Make vertical and horizontal lines.
  5. Choose another color and do the same.
  6. My canvas looked like so, after making the lines in the colors I like:

    This is zoomed in 2X!
  7. Once you are satisfied with your work, save your background.
  8. Now, you have your background, mine turned out like so:

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