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May 13, 2010

Outlined Images with GIMP

This tutorial will show you how to transform this image:

===into this===>

  1. Open your GIMP. Click on File=>new. This window whould appear:

  2. Copy and paste the image you want to outline. Now click on your layer window and click "new layer".

    The window above should now look like this:

  3. Click on the magic wand tool and cut the white background of your image.

    Your image should now look like this:

  4. Now click on select=>invert.
  5. Then click on select=>grow. The grow selection window shoule pop up. Change the value to 3.
  6. On the layer window, create another layer, be sure it is transparent. Name this white border. Drag the white border layer down the pasted layer.
  7. Get your bucket tool. Change your foreground color to white.
  8. Be sure you are on the white border layer. Click on it with your bucket. Your image and layer window should look like this:
  9. Click on select=>grow. Change the grow selection value to 2.
  10. Create another layer, name this violet border. Drag the layer down the white border.
  11. Now, change your foreground color with the border color you want. Click on your bucket tool. Be sure you are on violet border. Now click your canvas with your bucket. Your layer and image should now look like so:
  12. Now, click on image=>auto crop image. Now you have your outlined pet!

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