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May 13, 2010

Outlining Texts on MS Paint

In this tutorial you'll learn to place an outline around your texts. You don't need any fancy program a good old MS paint and MS Word will do the trick!

  1. Open your MS Word. Make a new file and click on the text box as shown on the image below:
  2. Now drag your mouse accross your document. You should have something like this:
  3. Now right-click on the text box and click on font.
    A pop up box should appear similar to the one below:

    Now be sure to edit the things in red boxes to your preferences! Don't forget to check OUTLINE. Now click OK.
  4. Type your text. Now click outside your text box. Your work should appear like so:
    Don't worry about the box around your text. Now take a screenshot of your text by clicking on "print screen" on your key board. That would be the key right after F12.
  5. Open your MS Paint. Click on Edit=>Paste. Then cut your text. Be sure draw opaque is off. Your work space should now look like so:

  6. Then next is to fill the text with our chosen color. Click on your "fill with color" tool, that would be the number 1 on out image above. Now you need to zoom in your text. Click on the magnifying glass, that would be number 2 on our image above. Now, just start filling in your text with your desired color!
  7. After you've filled everything. Open another MS Paint for your banner or any graphics you want to place your text to. Cut your text and paste it on your banner, be sure draw opaque is off and that your background is white! Now you have an outlined text on your banner like this one!

I hope this tutorial was helpful Please link back if you do so! Thanks!

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