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May 13, 2010

Transparent Blogs on MS Paint

Necessary Tools: 2 open window of MS Paint; MS Word

We will make a blog using the image below:

  1. Right click the image above, copy it and paste it on your MS Paint.
  2. Now, open another window of MS Paint by clicking on Start=>Programs=>Accessories=>Paint.
  3. On the second window click on Image=>Attributes and a window similar to the one below will appear.

    Set your width and height with the size of text box you wish to have for your blog. Then click on "Black and White" on the colors option.

  4. Now, look at your color palettes at the bottom of your window. It should appear like the image below.

  5. Click on your "Fill Color" tool and choose the black and white pattern you wish for your text box. I chose the one highlighted in red. Then click on your canvas.
  6. Click on your "Select" tool and choose the whole document. Right-click and cut your image.

  7. Go to your first MS Paint window where your image is. And click on Edit=>Paste. Be sure "Draw Opaque" is off. Then right-click on color black on the color palette to set your background to black.

    Drag your text box where you want to place it. Then click on anwhere on your image to make your text box fixed.

  8. Now, we need to add a border around your text box. Click on your rectangle tool and choose the first option given. Choose a border color you like by clicking on the color palette. I chose black to be my border. Now, your window and blog should look like so:

  9. Now, it's time to add our text on the blog. Open your MS Word. Click on "Insert Word Art" option, then a window like so will appear:

    Choose a style you want for your text and click OK. I chose the one highlighted in red.

  10. Now,this window will appear:

    Type your text and set the font and the size you want. Then click OK.

  11. Now right-click your text and click on "Show Word Art Toolbar". You must have your toolbar shown like this.

    Then click on the "Format Word Art" tool, highlighted in red on the image above. And this window will appear:

    Choose the color of your text by changing the fill color, and choose the color of your text border by changing the line color. Click OK.

  12. Now, take a screenshot of your MS Word by pressing "Print Screen" on your keyboard. Go to your 2nd MS Paint window you have. The one we used in making the text box earlier, NOT the one with our image or blog on. Click on "New". Then click on Edit=>Paste.
  13. Now, click on your "Select" tool and select your text. Be sure "Draw Opaque" is off as shown below:

  14. Paste it on your first MS Paint Window. Be sure "Draw Opaque" is still off. Then right-click on color white on your color palette to set the background to white.

    Drag your text where you want it placed on your blog. Then click anywhere on your image to make the text fixed.

  15. Now, all you have to do is to put a border around your blog. Click on your rectangle tool, choose the first option, choose a color for your border on the color palette and drag your mouse across your blog. And now, your blog is all finished! Save it as PNG or JPG to retain the color quality. See how mine turned out!

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