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May 13, 2010

Blending with GIMP

We will blend the 2 images below.

  1. Open your GIMP and click on File=>New and the window below should appear:

  2. Now copy and paste the 1st image above on your canvas. (click image below to preview!)

  3. Then, you need to place the image on a new layer. Click on your layer window which should be out. If not click on File=>Dialogs=>Layer!

    Once you've created a new layer your layers window should now look like this:

  4. Do the same to the second image. This time position it on the other side of your canvas. Your layers window should now look like this, with the two images pasted each on its own layer.

  5. Make sure you are on "Pasted Layer #1" (refer on the image above). Click on your "select hand drawn regions tool" and just draw/drag your mouse around the image we will blend.

    Don't worry if your drawing/border around the image is uneven. It doesn't matter. This is how mine turned out!

  6. Now on your canvas window, click on select=>invert. Be sure you are still on "Pasted Layer #1".

  7. Now, click select=>feather.

    Then this window should appear.

  8. Now press Ctrl+K on your keyboard, for newer versions, click on "delete" on your keyboard. You will notice how the image is starting to blend onto the other image. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the way it looks.
  9. If you're done, right-click on your image and click on select=>none. This is how my blend turned out. (click image to view)

    Just add more effects like textures and manipulate the colors a bit and you'll end up with something like this: (click image to view)

    NOTE: all the effects were also done with GIMP!

We hope you find this tutorial helpful! :)

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