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May 13, 2010

Making Banners with MS Paint

Here is a simple way to make fancy banners with your MS Paint and MS Word!

We will be using the image below for our banner.

  1. Okay open your MS Paint. Copy the image above and paste it on your paint by clicking Edit=>Paste. You can choose to use the image as is and just add effects and texts but I prefer to cut the image into a smaller size for a better looking banner!
  2. Now select your entire image, right click on it, click copy and paste it on your MS Window. Then once you have pasted it on MS Word, right click on your image and click "show picture toolbar".
  3. This tool bar should pop-up!
    Now, try clicking on the options in the red box. You will see how your image color's will change! Now, that's a nice effect on your image. Just click on it until you get the right feel on your image! This is how mine turned out after editing the colors.
  4. Now to add more effects, we will place scanlines over our image. Click on your rectangle tool as shown below:

    Now, drag your mouse across your image. Right-click on your shape and click on "format autoshape".
  5. This pop-up window will appear.

    Click on "colors and lines" tab and click on color=>fill effects. This window should pop-up.

    Click on the "pattern" tab, then click on the pattern you want to use. Now click on "foreground" and choose a color for your pattern. Click OK.
  6. Go back to your "format autoshape" window. Adjust your shape's opacity like so:

    Click OK. This is how my image turned out so far!

    Now all you have to do is to add some texts on your banner. It would be best to use outlined text. For a tutorial on how to outline your text with paint click HERE. This is how my banner turned out!

You can use this effect on many graphics such as blogs, website banners and many more! :D

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