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May 13, 2010

Splat Guild Layout with MS Paint

Now, you can make splat guild layouts without having to have PSP or Photoshop. All you need are MS Paint and MS Publisher which should be readily available! ;) To start, you need to have sets of good image packs. You can visit Smiley Helper for good image packs. In this tutorial I shall use some of Smiley Helper's image packs!

  1. Copy the image pack you like on your MS Paint. Click on the select tool to cut a single image.

  2. Paste it on your MS Publisher.

  3. The reason we placed it on MS Publisher is to recolor our image. Now right-click on the image and click on format picture. A window similar to the one below should appear!

    Click on recolor and this window should appear.

    Click on the arrow on color and choose more colors. Now, this window should popup!

    Choose a color you want your image to be! Click OK when you're done.
  4. Open a window of MS Paint. Take a screenshot of your MS Publisher window by clicking on "print screen" on your keyboard and pasting it on your MS Paint.
  5. Click on select tool and cut your image.
  6. Open a new window of MS Paint. Click on Image=>Attributes and set the width and height of the guild layout you want to make! I set mine to 600 x 600 pixels! Now, click on Edit=>Paste. Your image should now be on your guild layout canvas.

    Crop the image if desired. This is how my image looks like so far!

  7. Now, go back to your MS Publisher window and recolor your image with a new color or you can paste another image to recolor! Once you're done take a screenshot, paste it on your MS Paint window, cut your image and paste it on your guild layout canvas, be sure "draw opaque" is unchecked! This is how my image looks like after I've pasted my second recolored image!

    Repeat procedures until you have the right look you want. This is how my guild layout looks like after I've placed layers of images!

  8. It's time place some celebrity image on the guild layout. If possible, try downloading transparent PNGs from sites who have transparent PNGs. This will save you the trouble of trying to cut your images! I used one of the PNGs we have on the site. Go to your MS Publisher window, open your PNG image by clicking on the "insert picture" option on your picture toolbar.

    Your image will be automatically resized. To resize your image right-click on it and click format picture. A window will popup, click on size and set the height and width of the image to your preference!

  9. Now, take a screenshot of your MS Publisher window and paste it on MS Paint. Click on the select tool and cut your image. Paste it on your guild layout canvas, be sure "draw opaque" is unchecked! Now, just place the other essentials like transparent blog and texts! This is how my guild layout turned out!

I hope this tutorial was really helpful. Please link back if you think so and help us spread the word! :)

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